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Group 1 Caught In,Under or Between
Worker Caught Between Truck and Skid Pump
Foreman Pressed by Heavy Electrical Cabinet
Pipe Yard Worker Suffered Thumb Injury
Fingers Crushed by Roller
Hand Pinched during Assembling Work
Group 2 Cut, Puncture, Scrape
Finger Joint Lost When Shutting off Wood Cutting
Group 3 Explosions or Burns
Vacuum Truck Explosion
Inflammation during Tanker Loading
Refrigerator Truck Explosion
Burn by Fire from Gas Leakage
Automotive Technician Injured in Tire Explosion
Driver Injured by Tyre Rupture
Battery Explosion
Operator Burnt by Steam
Burn by Hot Formation Water
Group 4 Exposure:Electrocution
Worker Killed by Overhead Power Line
Group 5 Exposure:Noise,Pressure,Chemical,
Biological ,Vibration
Bulldozer Operator Attacked by Wasps
Escape from H2S Poisoning
Bathroom Cleaner Suffered Eye Injury
Group 6 Falls From Height
Assistant Welder Fell From Height
Security Guard Fell into a Cellar
Group 7 Overexertion/Strain
Back Injured When Lifting Boxes
Group 8 Slips and Trips(at the same height)
Burn after Slip in Kitchen
Group 9 Struck By
Driller Assistant Hit by Pipe Wrench
Hand Injury during Casing Running
Construction Worker Hit by Tent Frame
Operator Struck by Broken Knuckle Joint
Leg Injured by Swinging Pipe
Welder Injured By Plate Falling from Drill Floor
Group 10 Vehicle Crashes
Fatal Traffic Accident at Field Bypass Road
Collision Between a Dump Truck and a Fuel Tanker
Fatal Traffic Accident Due to Overspeeding
Worker Killed When Sheltering under Truck
Security Patrolling Vehicle Accident
Rollover Accident during Rig Move
Group 11 Non-injurious Accident
Exploratory Well Blowout during Production
Pipeline Leakage
Oil Spilled from Vent Pond
Pollution Resulted from Oil Well Blow-out
Explosion of Buffer Tank in Metering Station
Fire from Tanker Welding
Fire Incident from Welding Operation
Meeting Room Fire
Scrap Yard Fire
Bakery Container Fire
Fiber Optical Cable Damaged by Excavator
Group 12 Near Miss
Excavation Near Miss Due to Non-compliance



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